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Cyber100 SOC Site Visit

Thank you CYBER100 panel (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), NACSA, MAMPU, KKMM & MCMC)and cohort 2 members SecureKi and Signing Cloud for a hybrid visit to our Nexagate Cyber Fusion Centre.

We had a chance to reintroduce Nexagate and update them on our NSI unified security platform's new features. An integrated experience as part of our SOC services where we empower our clients, especially management level with visibility on meaningful information regarding cybersecurity posture.

New features include RMiT related modules and also a new Ui launching soon. We are excited that we get to share this with a passionate MDEC team.

Look forward to seeing the Cyber100 programme bring local talents to the forefront in spearheading cybersecurity in Malaysia, starting with our government and moving towards other sectors.

Learn more on what Nexagate Offers:

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