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Be Job-Ready. Kickstart your


Get industry-led certification and hands-on experience through

this immersive career accelerator program.


12 weeks

Classroom & On-the-job

CompTIA Security+

What is the CSX Cybersecurity Immersion Program?

Cybersecurity is no longer the IT department's responsibility. It is everyone's responsibility.

The demand for cybersecurity talents is at an all time high, but the gap in talents with the right skillset is a worldwide problem. As cyberattacks get more commonplace and cyber criminals become more creative, organisations are in desperate need of skilled professionals who can detect, respond to, and prevent potential security threats.

CSX Cybersecurity Immersion Program by Nexa Academy is a 
12-week immersive career accelerator program aimed at developing a ready-to-hire pool of cybersecurity talents.

By the end of the program, participants will gain: 


COMpTIA SECURITY+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ is a global certification that validates the baseline skills necessary to perform core security functions and pursue a cybersecurity career.


Knowledge and skills across a wide range of cybersecurity domains with the opportunity to specialise in Risk & Compliance, Audit & Testing or Managed Protection.

hands-on experience

Hands-on working experience in providing cybersecurity services to various sectors within the Asian region.

immersive mentorship

Students will receive immersive mentorship and on-the-job training from industry professionals.

job placement opportunity

Successful participants will be given opportunities to get job placement with Nexagate’s industry partners to kick start their cybersecurity career.

Program Structure

Take part in only 12 weeks of full-time training with industry experts to kickstart your cybersecurity career journey.

classroom training
(2 weeks)

Participants will spend the first two weeks in a classroom setting, learning from industry practitioners and getting to know the different fields within cybersecurity. 

immersive mentorship
(10 weeks)

Participants will have the opportunity to choose their preferred career track within the cybersecurity domain and be attached to the relevant department in Nexagate for immersive on-the-job training and mentorship.

job placement opportunity

Participants who complete the program with merit will become candidates to be attached to Nexagate's industry partners. Candidates will continue to receive career support and advisory from Nexa Academy.


Apply Now

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Apply using the form below and select your preferred intake.

Schedule aN interview

Nexa Academy will contact you to schedule a pre-screening interview to discuss your career goals and how the course works.

Sign the contracT

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Employment Status

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What will you learn?

This program will establish the core knowledge required of any cybersecurity role and provide a starting point for mid to senior level cybersecurity jobs.

  • Attacks, Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • Architecture and Design

  • Implementation

  • Operations and Incident Response

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance

Who should join the program?

Whether you're looking to elevate your hireability or want to pivot into cybersecurity from another industry, you can take your education to the next level with Nexa Academy.

  • Bachelor's and Master's Graduates

  • Career Switchers

  • Upskillers

  • Tech Entrepreneurs

what jobs can you get?

This program is aimed at making you hireable within the cybersecurity industry, which may include but are not limited to the following job functions:​​

  • Security Engineer/Analyst

  • IT Security Auditor

  • IT Project Manager

  • Security Administrator

  • Systems Administrator

  • Junior Penetration Tester

  • Junior Cybersecurity Specialist

  • Cybersecurity Presales/Sales

Want to talk to us?

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+60 13 391 1347


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