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Our Award Winning, Patent Pending
All-in-One Platform For
Your Cybersecurity Needs

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Ensure Compliance, Gain Threat Visibility & Improve Protection

Compliance Manager

Improve security processes and help you meet compliance

Key Features

+ Security Compliance Dashboard

+ Security SOP Generator

+ Compliance Implementation Tracking

+ Document Management

+ ISMS & RMiT Compliant

Threat Manager

Gain Asset & Threat Visibility, Complete with Intuitive Report

Key Features

+ Asset & Threat Dashboard
+ Asset & Vulnerability Scan

+ Web Security Scan

+ Cloud Integration (AWS, Azure, GCP)

+ Threat Vulnerability Report

Protection Manager

Protect your organization using best in class cloud security solutions

Key Features

+ Protection Manager Dashboard

+ Endpoint Protection
+ WAF & DDoS Protection

+ Web Defacement Monitoring

+ Brand Reputation

Why NSI ?

Cost Effective

NSI Unified Security Management integrate multiple core security solutions into a Single Platform, which can reduce your cost by up to 70%


Secure and Durable Unified Security Management platform. Our NSI platform is ISMS / ISO27001 certified

Fast Deployment

NSI is powered using Cloud-based Security solutions. Conventional methods may take up weeks to deploy. Ours can reduce deployment time to within minutes 

Elasticity & Scalability

Add any amount of assets & data, quickly.

Our NSI modules are easily scalable - you can start as little as 1 server, or all 1000s of your critical IT Assets. 

Meet Compliance

Help organizations keep track on their ISO27001 compliance documentation and implementation progress - and achieve the desired compliance

Managed Services

All features come with the options for Managed Services - providing our clients access to Security Professional Experts from various domains,  supported from our Cyber Fusion Centre, 24x7

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