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1ST MSP Partner for the APAC Region

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

We are proud to announce Nexagate's partnership with Invicti.

This is part of our commitment to continuously improve our Web Application Penetration Testing (WAPT) Services and also opens up for clients within the APAC Region to leverage on our expertise.

Our consultants are now leveraging on Acunetix as a tool, which is known for unmatched speed, accuracy and powerful scanning capabilities. Pioneered in 2005, Acunetix was created at the very beginning of the transition from static web pages to true web applications (well before AWS or public cloud was even an idea).

For our clients, this means that they can:

⁃ Meet Tight Deadline - Get Pen Test Reports 5x faster than before.

⁃ Engage as a service - Do not have to worry about purchasing the Acunetix license.

⁃ Leverage on our 10 years of expertise - Do not have to worry about training expertise internally to perform the WAPT scanning.

To get more details or get a consultation session, drop us a message on our website or simply email (keyword: NexAcu WAPT)

Look forward to ensuring your Web Applications are secure!

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