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We’re all in this together

now more than ever

We hope everyone is healthy and safe. Second phase of MCO is here. 

Let’s talk about how Nexagate's team can help you in this crazy, stressful time.

Your team is likely in full-on disaster recovery mode, scrambling resources to ensure business can continue as usual. 

So, we wanted to make sure you knew of the ways Nexagate might be able to help take some work off your plate and minimize your security risks as you focus on availability for your remote workforce.

All hands are on deck for our clients and the IT community at large, which is why we formed a Nexagate COVID-19 Cyber Task Force. Anything you need, let our team know. We’ll do our absolute best depending on resource availability.

Message from Nexagate MD

Here are some ways we can help at zero-cost to you


Cybersecurity Incident Response

Our Cybersecurity Incident Response team is ready to help if you notice anything suspicious or, heaven forbid, get hit with a ransomware attack. Even if it’s outside of the scope of what Nexagate covers, we’ll jump on a Google Meet/Zoom and provide consultation on investigation and recovery to the best that we can as our experts are versed in a wide array of security technologies.


Remote Security Health Check

Our team of consultants schedule a Network health check remotely to scan for potential vulnerabilities. This will provide your organisation with a snapshot of possible attack vectors within the IT Infrastructure. Our Consultants can also suggest necessary steps to be taken by your IT personnel to close the gap. 


Advisory on Information Security & Business Continuity

Hop on a call with our Risk & Compliance consultant for a quick chat on concerns where processes are involved. We can provide advisory on security best practices in the areas of information security and business continuity, to help you improve your organisation's processes and ensure safe communications during this unprecedented situation.


Support on Securing your remote connection

Having secure VPN deployment resource or expertise issues? Schedule a conference call with our network experts to ensure proper deployment is being made and certain solutions are put in place to ensure only secure devices can be connected to your internal network. 


NSI Unified Security Management & NSV Secure VPN Solutions

We can offer NSI Unified Security Management and/or NSV Secure VPN solutions free for 2-months (VM-based installation). We can turn on features such as VPN with Network Access Control, Asset Discovery, Vulnerability Management, Compliance Management, Web Security and Endpoint Protection, or whatever makes sense given your priorities.




SOC Hotline
(extension 2 - Support)





Dedicated SpecialTask Force Frontliner
+60 12-630 6034Suziyanti

+60 12-663 1905Yufariza




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