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Free IT Security Assessment
A FREE, No Obligation, Look Into
How Your Security Could Be

How secure is your network? Is your IT Security up to scratch?  Could your business withstand a cyber-attack or breach?  These are questions that business owners ask themselves all the time!


So, at Nexagate, we offer a Free IT Security Assessment (Normally worth RM5,000) which allows you to answer these questions. This is a no obligation test, so you can utilise this service even if you have an IT supplier already

Why You Need A Free IT Security Assessment?

You can have all the risk assessment documents in the world but they’re worth nothing if your network isn’t supported by bulletproof protection against data theft, malware, ransomware and other IT Threats. Cyber Crime is big business, so it’s essential that you’re fully aware of any vulnerabilities within your organisation and how to prevent them turning into a big problem.

How Does the Assessment Work?

We’ll begin by visiting your place of work to gain a full understanding of your current set up and identify any immediate security risks. Some vulnerabilities are not obvious to business owners, but when looking from an outsiders perspective it paints a much clearer picture.

Upon completion of the audit, we will present you with a document highlighting any and all vulnerabilities we have found. Whether this is a tech issue, a staff training issue or something entirtely different, you will be informed.

At this stage, should you wish to take things one step further, you’ll then have the option to choose from three more detailed cyber audit packages which will enable you to make your business safer.

Book Your FREE IT Assessment 
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Trusted Partner to 200+ Clients

Nexagate is one of Malaysia's Leading IT Security Consulting and Services Provider and we have delivered trusted security solutions to more than 200 organizations across many verticals since 2010. We are ISO27001-certified since 2012 in the area of Information Security Consulting, Security Assessment and Managed Security Services and have been granted MSC-status company in 2013 under Global Business Services. 

Certified Security Experts

Nexagate’s Cybersecurity-certified security analysts and engineers possess unrivalled experience deploying, configuring and managing Cybersecurity solutions across multiple environments. Whether considering an on-premise or cloud-based deployment, our experts provide the assistance required to implement the best solution possible, as well as integrate it alongside other security technologies.

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Nexagate’s CSOC experts do all the heavy lifting to enable your in-house teams to focus on threat remediation rather than discovery.

By hunting through logs and filtering out large volumes of false positives and background noise to uncover genuine security incidents, Nexagate support team does all the heavy lifting to enable in-house IT teams to concentrate on system maintenance and other core administrative tasks.

Offensive Security Expertise

Close collaboration between Nexagate’s ‘red team’ ethical hackers and ‘blue team’ defenders ensures your organisation always benefits from the best security insight. Possessing a deep understanding of the latest tactics, tools and procedures (TTPs) used by real-world attackers enables us to facilitate early threat detection and improve incident response procedures.

Threat Intelligence

Our Nexa Security Intel (NSI) platform ensures that your organisation benefits from a wide range of security intelligence, not just that supplied by the AlienVault Open Threat Exchange (OTX). This includes data from proprietary Nexagate Labs research, Red Team Operations and industry partnerships.

Trusted Advice

From actionable remediation advice, to help improving long term security posture, our experienced experts can be trusted to provide the advanced levels of support and insight needed to mitigate the latest cyber security risks plus meet business and compliance needs

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