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Security Posture Assessment

Our SPA services is unique in the market in that it looks beyond pure technical preparedness against cyber-attack. It takes a rounded view of people, process and technology to enable clients to understand areas of vulnerability, to identify and prioritize areas for remediation and to demonstrate both corporate and operational compliance turning information risk to business advantage.

In developing the assessment, Nexagate has combined international information security standards with global insight of best practice in risk management, cyber security, governance and people processes. Through a combination of interviews, workshops, policy and process reviews and technical testing, we rapidly.

Key Benefits:

> Better understand your environment’s design from a security perspective

> Identify critical network segments and assets to be protected

> Improve internal and perimeter security

> Learn how to add value from your existing infrastructure by integrating technologies

> Align network architecture with security requirements

> Find a balance between achieving compliance and ensuring security

> Improve cloud security

How We Can Help:

> Identify current gaps in compliance and risk management of information assets

> Identify the scale of cyber vulnerabilities

> Set out prioritized areas for a management action plan

> The assessment provides the flexibility to assess the level of cyber security maturity on a site by site basis or at a company level

> Helps identify best practice within an organization and provides comparator information.

Full Security Threat Management Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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