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Penetration Test

Many regulatory programs require Penetration Tests as proof of due diligence in hardening networks against attack and misuse. Nexagate delivers both the technical skill and the business sensitivity to deliver in-depth Penetration Tests that thoroughly evaluate the real-world security performance of both hardware, software and staff, while fully protecting data and preventing disruption of normal business operations.

Each Penetration Test is performed by one of Nexagate's experienced professionals, and is customized for each customer to ensure accuracy and safety. The result from each test is a detailed report analyzing how an intruder might gain access to internal systems under specific conditions, and the necessary steps to prevent such an intrusion in the future.

Key Benefits:

> Document compliance with regulatory programs that require Penetration Tests as part of their certification process

> Get an attacker's view of your network

> See actual exploitation results as they would occur if your network was under attack

> Test both your operational and technical defenses.

How We Can Help:

> One of the key advantages to Nexagate’s Penetration Testing program is our deep knowledge of both information security infrastructure and industry-specific regulatory requirements.

> We regularly perform Penetration Test that assess general network security preparedness, as well as regulation-specific tests that directly evaluate compliance with ISMS, PCI and others.

> Our consulting team typically has over 10 years of Penetration Test experience, including CISSP, CEH, GIAC and other certifications.

> We will provide a Security Testing Certificate to validate of successful penetration testing services

> We combine our Penetration Testing services with our NSI Threat Manager, an all-in-one cybersecurity management platform that provides total security compliance visibility

Full Security Threat Management Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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