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Compromise Assessment

Nexagate Compromise Assessment uses powerful technology and cyber expertise to assess your environment through the eyes of an attacker to look for known signs of malicious activity, providing essential assurance you have not been compromised.

A Compromise Assessment looks at both endpoint and network areas, and known and unknown devices, to uncover malicious activity, giving you the visibility to determine if your team has the right skills and tools on hand to quickly identify, contain, and remediate incidents.

Key Benefits:

> Compromise assessments validate that there is no ongoing security incident, helps identify security incident response gaps, and can be used to create business cases for additional security incident response capabilities.

> This can be used to provide reassurance for an organisation and also, where relevant, customers or partners.

How We Can Help:

> We will provide expert analysts to review your log files and look for indicators that edge devices and antivirus can’t detect.

> With combination of powerful technology and cyber expertise, we will examine network traffic for suspicious/malicious communications and malicious files traversing your network.

> We will provide reports on findings with actionable intelligence for threats detected and vendor-agnostic recommendations for improving overall cybersecurity where appropriate

Full Security Threat Management Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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