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Cloud Security Assessment

Security on the cloud is a shared responsibility. It’s the cloud providers responsibility to secure the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud and its your organizations responsibility to ensure the security of anything added in the cloud.

Key Benefits:

> Assess the effectiveness of the security controls and configurations deployed on your cloud platform. This cost-effective service will confirm the robustness of your current platforms:

> User access and authentication controls

> Client virtual segmentation & compartmentalization

> Hypervisor access controls

> Server security configuration and build

> Systems security administration programme

> Incident identification capability

> Incident response plans & procedures

How We Can Help:

> We provide a comprehensive report that details security vulnerabilities identified and specific actions for remediation, a courtesy workshop and on-call assistance

> The report details specific vulnerabilities identified on the platform, how they were identified, methods and tools used to identify them and visual evidence if applicable. The report shall indicate a security vulnerability risk rating for risk reduction references.

> We provide advice and assistance following the report submittal and answer any questions that arise from implementing remedial actions and ensuring risk reduction

> We offer retesting to verify remedial actions were effective. Upon completion, we’ll provide you with a summary report verifying remedial measures have been implemented

Full Security Threat Management Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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