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Managed Web Security

We deliver cloud-based website security solution that features the industry’s leading WAF technology, as well as strong two-factor authentication and bot access control. An advanced client classification engine analyzes all incoming traffic to your site, preventing access to malicious and unwanted visitors.
Complementing the WAF’s built-in security capabilities, our managed web security solution provides easy-to-use tools that enable enterprises to build custom security rules tailored to their specific requirements.

Key Features:

> Best-in-class, PCI-certified web application firewall

> Custom rules tailored to your enterprise’s security policy and use cases

> Two-factor authentication for website access

> Advanced client classification engine that analyzes all incoming traffic

> Easy-to-use API for integration with backend systems

Why Choose Us:

> Cloud-based, big data approach leverages customer base for 360-degree visibility into attack landscape

> Proven against hundreds of penetration tests and millions of attacks every day

> Dedicated security research team monitors, tunes, and updates the service to ensure protection against new and emerging threats

> Decades of security experience and best practices, leveraging Imperva’s market-leading WAF technology

> Dynamic profiling and application- aware technologies minimize false positives

> Activated by simple DNS change – no hardware or software installation, integration, or changes to the website

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