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Managed Endpoint Protection

Our Managed Endpoint Security solution is the next generation of endpoint protection. The comprehensive endpoint visibility and threat intelligence enables analysts to adapt their defense based on real-time details to deploy informed, tailored responses to threat activity.

Our solution is powered by industry-leading cyber security platform, Kaspersky & Crowdstrike that delivers protection beyond a single limited methodology. It enhances overall threat protection by integrating key security mechanisms within a single agent and threat management workflow system.

Key Features:

> Single agent with three detection engines to minimize configuration and maximize detection and blocking

> Single integrated workflow to analyze and respond to threats within Endpoint Security

> Fully integrated malware protection with antivirus (AV) defenses, remediation, behavior analysis, intelligence and endpoint visibility

> Triage Summary and Audit Viewer for exhaustive inspection and analysis of threats

Why Choose Us:

> Prevent the majority of cyber attacks against the endpoints of an environment

> Detect and block breaches that occur to reduce the impact of a breach

> Improve productivity and efficiency by uncovering threats rather than chasing alerts

> Use a single, small-footprint agent for minimal end-user impact

> Comply with regulations, such as ISO27001 and PCI-DSS

> Deploy onsite or in-the-cloud

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