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Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Our MDR security service detects and blocks even the most complex threat actors with the most sophisticated TTPs.

Our SOC analysts will manage all aspects of the EDR tool including threat detection, threat intelligence, customized policy management, user account management, application whitelisting/ blacklisting, console/agent upgrades, and vendor support coordination.

Key Features:

> 24/7/365 alert detection, validation and response

> Provide ongoing detection analysis (tuning and recommendations) to ensure actionable alerts

> Integrate additional intelligence into the EDR security technology to enhance the platform beyond the vendor’s solution

> Analyze and review active malware campaigns to proactively identify and block known bad IOCs/TTPs

> Develop, manage and deploy policies that are customized based on their organization’s needs

> Configure real time automated response policies to isolate hosts, delete files, kill processes and initiate scans

> Manage and upgrade sensors to ensure they are compatible with the operating systems and reporting as intended

> Handle opening, updating, and closing tickets with the vendor on behalf of the customer

> Provision, decommission and review user permissions to the EDR console

Why Choose Us?

> 24/7/365 Continuous alert monitoring, validation, automated containment, and escalation

> Dashboards & Reports: Preconfigured and custom reports to alert you on endpoint security posture

> Proactive Threat Hunting: Across your endpoints to stop threats and significantly reduce adversary dwell time

> Continuous Improvement: Leverage Nexagate security expertise to manage your endpoint solution, build policies that make the most sense for your business, and develop automated responses to security threats to ensure quick containment of attacks and deep investigations of the root cause.

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