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Managed Cloud Security

Our Managed Cloud Security continuously and proactively monitors your cloud infrastructure and applications, so issues are captured, assessed and addressed without affecting operations. You get better outcomes compared to traditional solutions because we use the same tooling and techniques as security analysts, which speeds up investigation and resolution.

You’re therefore free to leverage the full benefits of cloud infrastructure and services – with complete confidence you’re protected.

Key Features:

> 24/7 threat monitoring: Nexagate Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC) is staffed around-the-clock by experienced security professionals. Our analysts and engineers monitor your cloud security 24/7 to identify genuine incidents and provide the actionable guidance needed to remediate them

> Best-in-class detection tools: An agnostic approach to technology selection means Nexagate supplies the cloud detection tools that deliver the best security outcomes for your organisation.

> Cloud security experts: If you’re considering moving your infrastructure to the cloud, you can rely on our managed cloud security service to support you every step of the way. Our experts are on hand to help ensure that your transition is as secure as possible.

> Rapid service deployment: Elevate cloud security in just a matter of weeks. Through a highly efficient service on-boarding and tuning process, Nexagate can be up and running in no time and easily scale in line with operational needs.

> Accelerated incident response: To facilitate incident response, Nexagate includes actionable remediation guidance, automated ‘events-based’ playbooks, and optional on-site support for priority incidents.

Why Choose Us:

> Trusted Provider: We have delivered trusted services to more than 300 organizations

> Cloud-native approach:
We’re one of Malaysia's cloud security pioneers. You get a more effective service because cloud natives are working for you proactively

> Multi-cloud expertise:
We have expertise in all 4 major public cloud platforms – AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform & AlibabaCloud. So you will get comprehensive and integrated support across your cloud services.

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