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As Malaysia's leading ISMS ISO27001 consultants , Nexagate has helped many organizations from various sectors including those in Government, Telco, Banks/FSI and even Emerging Startups, achieve compliance and certification. We have the largest local risk and compliance consulting team in Malaysia, which comprised of experienced information security professionals.

The key objective of ISO 27001 is to make sure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability is ensured for critical data assets. The ISMS will benefit your organization by ensuring customer confidence, aiding in compliance and regulation, addressing internal/external security risks, and promoting internal effectiveness. ISO 27001 certification makes sense for your organization when information security compliance is mandated by client, regulatory, or legal requirements.

Key Benefits:

> Establishes a formal information security framework for implementing security controls and objectives

> Ensures compliance with client, regulatory, and legal requirements

> Allows you to provide relevant security policies and pass security audits required by prospective clients

> Identify and improve current security processes

> Establish acceptable business risks for relevant security controls

> Reduce the costs and risks of security breaches if they do occur as well as ensuring the incident is properly managed

> Provides for independent certification by a third-party organization

How We Can Help:

> Initial consultation to evaluate the current state of your information security programs against best practices as defined by ISO 27001 Determine your current information security risk assessment of the ISO controls area

> Evaluation of your network and physical architecture

> Development of written security policies/controls, ISO auditing procedures, and policy improvement

> Establish ISO 27001 best practices if security improvements are necessary but not required

> Obtain ISO 27001 third-party certification

> We combine our ISMS consulting services with our NSI Compliance Manager, an all-in-one cybersecurity management platform that provides total security compliance visibility

Full Security Compliance Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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