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Business Continuity

Unanticipated business interruptions, whether caused by man-made threats or natural disasters, can devastate an organization. Safeguarding your business and its reputation by providing for the continuity of operations must become a top priority.

Nexagate’s Business Continuity Solutions help identify, assess and develop your organization’s policies and procedures for addressing operational risk. With our proven methodology, clients are assured proper contingency planning to reduce the likelihood and impact of disruptive events.

Key Benefits:

> Protection of key assets and their value

> Preservation of important trust relationships with client and partners

> Balanced legislative and regulatory compliance Managed investments

> Increased service quality

> Focused holistic, enterprise-wide approach Tested and proven methodologies

> Balanced enterprise risk management

How We Can Help:

> Business continuity management maturity assessments to help organizations understand the current maturity level of business continuity plans and how to achieve the desired future state

> Business continuity program management

> Contingency strategy and emergency and/or disaster response solutions Continuity of operations planning and critical infrastructure protection planning Pandemic response planning

> Risk assessment and business impact analysis

> Crisis management and communications response planning

> Awareness, testing, training and exercise programs

Full Security Compliance Visibility via NSI,

our All-in-One Cybersecurity Management platform

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